How to Attend Daycare

✨✨Important Information✨✨
Tickets must be bought 4 days in advance! Tickets bought with less than 4 days notice will have a $30 late fee. This fee can be waived if there is already someone scheduled to attend daycare that day and time or if there is a sale for that day!

🍼Step 1🍼

Read our Daycare Rules

Read our rules here!

🍼Step 2🍼

If you have not met Ms. S or filled it out before, fill out our Daycare Application and Registration form

Fill out the form here!

🍼Step 3🍼

Pick a day  (Scroll down to see the calendar)

- The days with numbers on them represent how many people will be attending daycare that day
- All days that say "Daycare" on them are days we are open
- Any days marked with "Volunteers needed" are days we are accepting volunteers! Volunteer 30% of you time for a 30% off discount for your ticket!

and a time!:
Our time slot times are not related to Petplay, they are simply cute names!
Puppy Daycare: 10am to 2pm
Kitty Daycare: 2pm to 6pm
Racoon Daycare: 6pm to 10pm
Bunny Daycare: 10am to 4pm
Owl Daycare: 2pm to 8pm
Bat Daycare: 6pm to 12am
Panda Daycare: 10am to 6pm
Fox Daycare: 10am to 10pm

🍼Step 4🍼

Request your daycare ticket

Request here!