Renting Our Space

Our space is perfect for a littlespace photoshoot, little birthday party, munches, scene, or more!

You can rent our space for $200 an hour.

Rent our space

Our Space

Main Daycare Room

- Accessible
- This is where we spend most of our time at daycare. The entire room is softly padded for crawling littles and Bluey themed! We have a restroom, a mini fridge and a microwave in this room! As far as more exciting things, we have a pet play cage, a coloring area, an adult rocking horse, a tummy time/newborn - 1year zone, a ball pit, a crawl tunnel, and tons of toys and board games!

Cubby Area

- Accessible
- Our cubby area has a little couch, a shoe cubby, and a space to set backpacks. There is a camera in this area to ensure the safety of your things, just in case! We also hang flyers about events and coloring pages here! This area is also where you can find stuffies, onesies and diapers to purchase and take home!

Changing Area

- Accessible
- Our changing area is fully padded for crawling littles! We’ve decorated this room with many ABDL diapers and cute babyish fabrics. The changing area has a 2” thick changing mat on the floor.


- Accessible, but may be difficult for wheel chairs
- Our backyard is used for munches and optionally available during daycare! The backyard is fully private. We have a water table, a crawl tunnel, a large sized pirate ship, a wading pool, a 7ft tall Sea Serpent Sprinkler, a trampoline, and a Pebble Pit!


- Upstairs
- Our nursery is only used for private babysitting or for optional added on “crib time” during nap time. The nursery has a 2” thick changing mat on the floor, an adult sized high chair, and a fully lockable adult sized playpen crib with a slide down side. The entire room is also Bluey themed!

Ms. S' Dogs

There are 4 potential dogs you could meet at Ms. S' Daycare. Most daycare days, you will only meet Apollo and Mia.

6 lbs
Maltese mix (floppy ears, curly fur)
He can be barky, but is very friendly and snuggly.

7 lbs
chihua poodle mix (floppy ears, short fluffy fur)
She will bark once at the door. She's our calm little old lady. She thinks everyone who comes to daycare is there to snuggle with her.

12 lbs
Schipperke mix (pointy ears, long fluffy fur)
He is very new to people and is still learning that people are nice. He will definitely bark at you, and has a habit of growling. If he does growl, he is escorted out of the room until he can show appropriate behavior. If you meet him, please ignore him. He looks very soft, but it's best if you pretend he does not exist.

46 lbs
Cattledog mix (pointy ears, short fur)
She is a very calm little old lady. She occasionally wants pets, but usually just wants to take a nap

Pictures of our space!

Our Space

Our Space

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