Daycare Add Ons

Optional things you can add to your daycare ticket!

Diaper Changes and Outfit Help

Wet or dry diaper changes at our designated diaper changing times by Ms. S (the amount of diaper changes you will receive depends on the amount of diaper changing times in the schedule). And help getting into little gear. We do not provide diapers, please bring your own. Messing is not allowed at our events.
🐶🐱 🦝 +$21
🐰🦉🦇 +$28
🐼 +$35
🦊 +$50

Crib Time

Sleep in the crib during nap time. Either, sleep in the crib by yourself (solo crib time) or sleep in the crib with another person (shared crib time). Both versions of crib time, may mean there is another person sleeping on the floor of the nursery depending on daycare space.

Solo Crib Time
🐶🐱🦝🐰🦉🦇 +$75
🦊 + 200

Shared Crib Time
🐶🐱🦝🐰🦉🦇 +$50
🦊 + 120

Dog Free Days

A daycare day where there are no dogs out during daycare! The dogs will still be present in the home, they just will be put away during Daycare
- Not available for Fox Daycare

Add a Little Friend

Bring a little friend with you to daycare! This only includes Daycare Access for your friend, no add ons

Add a Big

Bring a big. This does not include any add ons for the big, only access

Birthday Bundle

Celebrate your birthday at daycare. We offer two plans.

The Basic Birthday Plan (+$40), which includes chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, a birthday candle, a birthday song, balloons, a birthday banner, and a gift.

Our other plan is called “Customized Birthday Bundle”, prices vary based off wants and dietary restrictions, Please email for rates

Guest Overnight

10pm to 10am
Sleep in the daycare on an air mattress, our cot, or in the cage overnight. Babying not included. Includes breakfast in the morning.

Babysitting Overnight

10pm to 10am
Sleep in our crib overnight . Includes bath time, snuggles, 3 diaper changes, and breakfast in the highchair.