Discounts for Daycare and Babysitting

Below you can find discounted options for daycare!

Donate to Daycare!

We accept donations at daycare! If you donate something, you can receive between a 5% and a 15% discount at daycare and/or babysitting.

If you are planning on donating something, please email Ms. S at [email protected] and she will let you know more about your discount.

Discount Wednesdays for Daycare!

If you book daycare for a Wednesday, get a 20% discount! Use code: Wednesday to apply!

Littles Party Pack

Select our new ticket option "Littles Party Pack" to get an additional 25% off per ticket for a group of 4 littles!
For additional little friend discounts, message Ms. S!

Discount Email List

Sign up for our Standby Daycare list! When someone books daycare, we're able to offer a discount to others that come to daycare that day. We will send out an email when we have these discount Days available!

Sign up

Ambassador Discounts

Our ambassadors get a discount code they can give out! Go check out our ambassadors pages to see if you can find one!

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On busy days, Ms. S needs help with daycare! You can volunteer 30% of you daycare stay for a 30% discount on a daycare ticket! Days that we have volunteer options available are marked on our calendar on this page