Ms. S' Playspace Daycare

What is provided at daycare?
- Being treated like your little age
- Teacher supervision
- Water and/or juice
- Toys and coloring supplies
- Age appropriate learning activities
- Stuffies
- story time
- playpen access
- nap time supplies (mat, sheets, blankie, and pillow)
- Adult bibs
- pacifiers
- bottles or sippy cups
- onesies
- baby powder

Read about our add ons here


We have different types of daycare for every budget and hour availability!
Please note that the names are simply cute names for different time slots, they are not petplay related

Puppy Daycare

10am - 2pm

Kitty Daycare

2pm - 6pm

Raccoon Daycare

6pm - 10pm

Bunny Daycare

10am- 4pm


Owl Daycare

2pm - 8pm

Bat Daycare

6pm - 12am

Panda Daycare

10am - 6pm


Fox Daycare

10am - 10pm

Find a list of our current daycare days and events here!

Listed Daycare and Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bigs/mommies/daddies/caregivers come to daycare?

Yes! As long as they accompany a  little and their ticket has been added on as "add a big"!

I'm a pet, can I come?


Can I come to daycare any time of day? (Leave early or arrive late?)

You can come any time we are open as long as you have a ticket. Please let Ms. S know if you are going to be late!

Do you allow messing/pooping in diapers?

We do not allow intentionally messy or poopy diapers due to bacterial safety!

Are your events sexual?

No, our events are  G rated

Can I call Ms. S "Mommy"?


Can I snuggle with Ms. S?

No, only Ms. S' littles are allowed to snuggle her unless she offers otherwise or if you are being babysat

Will Ms. S change my diaper outside of the scheduled diaper changing times?

No, diaper changes only occur during the scheduled times. However, you may change your own diaper or have your big change your diaper whenever.

Do I need to purchase diaper changes to change myself?

No, only if you want to have Ms. S change your diaper

How private is the diaper changing area?

The diaper changing area is in a hallway closet next to the daycare. We have a privacy curtain set between the daycare room and the diaper changing area. So no one can see in, but we can hear each other still.

Do you provide snack or lunch?

We do not provide snack or lunch unless you buy it as an add on

What does each add on include?

Read more about that here

Are walk ins encouraged?

If there are other people already coming to daycare for the time slot you'd like to attend:
Yes! The time slot has already been reserved for daycare!

If daycare is not already scheduled for that time frame:
No. Ms. S provides all of her spare time to go towards the daycare, so last minute daycare scheduling prevents her from making plans, this is why we have the $30 late fee for daycare scheduled without 4 day notice.