In Person R Rated Babysitting

Included in your babysitting booking:
wet or dry diaper changes
bath time
crib access
high chair access
story time
bottle feeding
spoon feeding
tickle torture
hair pulling
service submission
human furniture
chastity cage

Gear borrowing
onesie, pacifier, bottle, wipes, baby powder, pacifier clips, and hair bows

Additional add ons can be found below!

Book an R Rated Babysitting


Session deals for Littles, Middles, and ABDLs. Use all your hours at once, or spread them out over time!

Double Trouble Sessions

Split the cost of one babysitting session with your friend and get a discounted rate!

In Person

1 hour - $200
2 hours - $360

5 hours - $800
Two 5 hour Bundles - $1400
Three 6 hour Bundles - $2160
Four 4.5 hour Bundles - $2160

Double Trouble
1 hour - $340
2 hours - $576

Optional Add Ons

Extra Diaper Changes
+$10 per extra change

Ms. S Provides diapers
+$10 per diaper

Call Ms. S Mommy
+$10 per hour

Pick an outfit for Ms. S to wear
+$20 per hour

Ms. S wears a diaper
+$25 per hour

Birthday Bundle
Baking and/or decorating cupcakes with Ms. S, small gift, balloons, birthday hat, birthday song

Dry Breast Nursing
+$75 per feeding
- Each feeding lasts 15 minutes

Add a Little Friend
+$35 per hour
Have one of Ms. S' Littles join the session

Arrive in a "sticky diaper"
+ $50

Diaper humping/Over the diaper self touching
+$100 per instance

Under the diaper self touching
+$200 per instance

Babysitting Overnights
Hours between 10pm and 8am, sleep in our crib, be babied

Overnight Guest
Hours between 10pm and 8am, sleep in our guest bed, no babying or diaper changes

If you have any other wishes or requests, please contact Ms. S for pricing. Ms. S is here to make your dream experience come true!

Sessions FAQ

Do sessions include diaper changes?

ABDL Sessions include 1 diaper change at the beginning of the session, 1 at the end, and an additional change every 3 hours of session you purchase. We only do wet (pee) or dry diapers. We do not change messy (poop) diapers.

What happens during a little session?

This is open to discussion, but generally: story time, nap time, cuddling, playing with toys, watching cartoons, diaper changes, spoon feeding, bottle feeding, snacks, games, bath times, and general babying

What if I want to do something that isn’t covered in sessions?

Just ask me!

Will Ms. S travel for sessions?

Ms. S will not travel for first time sessions. If Ms. S does travel for sessions, you pay for the round trip ticket.

What if I want a refund?

Please refer to our refund policy in our session policies.

Are these sessions one on one with Ms. S?

Yes and no. Ms. S lives with other people and dogs. All of them know she is a pro Domme and about littles, pets, and BDSM. They are all in the BDSM community and fall into the Pet or Little communities themselves, so they 100% are fine with this.

The session itself will only have you interacting with Ms. S, unless you add on "add a little friend"

What happens if I have a messy diaper?

You will be charged a $150 messing fee and then be required to either change yourself or leave the facility without a refund.