Littlespace Sleepovers

Sleepovers are scheduled events (usually scheduled on the same night as a different big littles event). Perfect for those late night parties! Tickets are $50 per person

We provide:
- sleeping bags
- sheets
- blankets
- ear plugs
- pillows
- Free play from 9am to 10am the following day.

Also optional:
+$10 Air mattress
+$15 Futon daycare couch
+$20 Petplay cage
+$80 Sleep in our crib with one other person
+$150 Sleep in our crib by yourself
+$10 Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancakes in the morning
+$30 Ride home from the event as long as are also attending the event

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Ticket: $50

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Sleepover Policies

Our rules and policies

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Suggest a Sleepover Day

If you know of an event happening locally where some littles may need a place to spend the night, suggest it as a sleepover day!

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